Masonry Mailboxes - Elegance in Brick & Stone

masonry brick mailboxYou drive through subdivisions and see traditional mailboxes that are beat up, rotting, or leaning to one side. Masonry mailboxes have been a popular addition to any home over the years. A masonry mailbox is typically constructed of masonry brick or stone. There are many styles of masonry mailboxes that we can construct. Typically we will visit your home and design your brick or stone mailbox around your homes design elements.

Our mailboxes are constructed with an internal structure of steel and concrete and are properly secured in to the ground. Your mailbox will be sure to last a lifetime. We have even had one of our masonry mailboxes ran into by a car, in which the mailbox did not move an inch. Our brick and stone mailboxes include an etched address stone and stone cap.


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"DJK worked extensively with us to get the layout we wanted. The crew was very professional and took the time and effort to do the job the right way. I am glad we chose DJK for our patio project."

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