Masonry Material Types

There are several different types of masonry materials. Within this groups are several different styles and products. Our masons are skilled in the installation of all types of masonry brick and stone. With that being said, it comes down to the style and look you are trying to achieve when selecting a material for your masonry project.

Traditional Clay Bricks

Clay Brick is the most popular of masonry materials. Clay brick is what you see on most homes today. Brick offers a classic beauty that goes great with any home. The durability of brick is far better than most exterior materials. Brick will not be damaged by the elements and does not require any maintenance. Brick also provides a great thermal barrier, slowing the heat transfer process and resulting in better energy efficiency. Clay brick is offered in several different sizes and thickness's.

Stones Natural & Cultured

Natural Stones are in a class of their own. No other stone looks as good as the stones that are harvested from the earth. Natural stones contain no dyes and will keep their color over time. Natural stones are very durable and elegant. much like brick, natural stones provide a great thermal barrier and maximize energy efficiency. There are many colors, sizes, and textures of natural stones. We have many samples of stones in our showroom.

Cultured Stone is a manufactured stone that is constructed out of light weight concrete materials. Cultured stone products are cast in molds and dyed to replicate natural stone colors and textures. Cultured stone is a cost effective alternative to natural stone. Cultured stone can be used in areas with no additional foundation support, such as re-facing a home or interior fireplace face.

Cultured Brickcultured thin brick

Cultured Brick is a light weight material used in place of clay brick to create decorative elements. Cultured brick is typically used indoors but can also be used outdoors. Some applications for cultured brick include; wine cellars, decorative walls, decorative arched, and barrel ceilings.

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