Outdoor Living - Expanding Home to Outdoors

outdoor living napervilleThere are countless ways to improve your time spent outdoors. An outdoor living area is just one of these ways. Outdoor living brings the things you love so much about your home to the outdoors. We work to make your outdoor living area just as comfortable, if not more comfortable than your home.

Outdoor Living Elements

An outdoor living area consists of many different outdoor elements brought together. There are an infinite amount of configurations when it comes to outdoor living. Some of the most popular outdoor living elements include paving brick patios, seat walls, fire places, outdoor lighting, and water features.

Outdoor Living Room NapervilleOutfitting an Outdoor Living Room

An outdoor living room may be made complete with many of the same things you would use to decorate indoors. Add outdoor couches, rugs and more to make it feel like home. One very popular outdoor living trend is incorporating a pavilion or pergola to provide shade and cover. Having a covered area protects your outdoor furniture from getting washed out by the sun.

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"DJK worked extensively with us to get the layout we wanted. The crew was very professional and took the time and effort to do the job the right way. I am glad we chose DJK for our patio project."

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