Raised Planter Beds

landscape raised planter bedRaised planter beds bring many advantages to your landscape design. A raised planter bed can be as simple as mounding up high quality top soil and mulching the area to provide a proper planting area for plants and flowers. Our raised planter beds are constructed with walls made typically out of paving bricks or other masonry materials. 12 to 18 inches is a proper height to provide a proper root area for most plants.

planter beds paving brickThe walls of a raised planter may be made of straight sections or intricate curves. Raised planters have many advantages to your landscape and gardening. Some advantages include providing the proper soil conditions for plants, providing a seating area, and creating dimension and separation from other landscape and hardscape elements.


We are happy to speak with you and start designing a landscape plan for you incorporating raised planter beds. Contact us today for your landscape planter design and construction. 630.369.1953

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