A Pool or Spa Along With Your Patio?

pools napervilleAs outdoor living experts in the Naperville area, we are dedicated to providing you with beautiful outdoor elements. We work with a local custom pool installer and designer to design pools and spas to fit in with your custom outdoor living area or paving brick patio. By designing these elements together we are able to achieve a flawless combination of pool, spa, patio, and outdoor living space.

There are three common choices when it comes to swimming pool construction; fiberglass, lined, and shotcrete. Of these choices shotcrete offers the highest quality and durability. Shotcrete pools are constructed by spraying concrete on to the pool shell and then applying a waterproof layer on to the surface.

pools oswego, plainfieldCustom pools and spas are only limited by design and imagination. There are several distinct styles, although the possibilities are limitless. The most common styles include; Natural, Free Form, Classic, and Modern.

Natural Pools use more natural lines and curves to create a pool that blends in with nature. Natural pools are typically constructed with stone decking and surrounds, waterfalls, and rock formations.

Free Form Pools are typically created with a naturalistic style and shape. Free form pools may include smooth and varying curves.

Classic Pools may have a majority of straight lines with 90 degree corners. Classic pools may then utilize small areas of curves to compliment the style. Classic pools go great with Mediterranean and traditional home designs.

Modern Pools consist of straight lines and 90 degree angles corners. Modern pools look very clean cut and go great with a modern or contemporary home design.

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