Trees and Shrubs In Your Landscape

trees naperville, plainfield, oswegoTrees - Shading, Protecting, Beauty

Trees and shrubs are an essential part to every landscape design. It is important to consider the mature size of trees and shrubs when designing a landscape. Trees are often used as main elements in landscape design. We choose trees based on what we believe will look good in a certain area as well as your expectations and purpose of the tree. The tree selection is based on factors such as area size, sunlight, desired tree shape, fullness, and more. We make sure to take the appropriate precautions during transport in order to ensure our trees arrive healthy and beautiful. Some of our most popular tree selections include Colorado Blue Spruce, Bradford Pear, Crimson King Maple, and more.

Shrubs - Adding Flare or Privacy

shrubs naperville, plainfield, oswegoA shrub or bush is different from a tree in the fact that a shrub is typically shorter, more dense, and have multiple stems. Depending on the purpose, there are many different shrub choices. A few colorful lilac bushes will add beauty and color to your landscape, while dense evergreen shrubbery will provide privacy from neighbors. Whatever the application, we will design a landscape to fit.

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