Brick Walkways & Driveways

Almost every concrete or asphalt walkway or driveway cracks at some point in time due to settlement. A cracked driveway or sinking walkway is an eye sore. Paving bricks are used to pave elegant walkways and driveways. Walkways and Driveways paved with Unilock paving bricks are sure to last longer and look better than the same surface paved with concrete or asphalt.

Paving Brick Walkwayspaving brick walkways naperville, plainfield, oswego

Paving brick walkways have a number of uses. A paving brick walkway may provide an elegant entrance path to your front door, or may provide a path of getting from your front yard to your back yard. Whatever the application, a paving brick patio will not disappoint. Add a contrasting border to your paving brick walkway to create definition and detail. Another available pathway option we offer is a series of natural stone chunks spread out evenly to create a subtle but functional path.

Paving Brick Driveways

Your driveway takes up a good portion of your front yard and contributes significantly to the aesthetics of your home. Cracked concrete or old asphalt may take away from the beauty of your home and landscapes. Paving brick is the longest lasting material available for paving your driveway. Paving bricks will not crack or sink overtime when installed properly. Paving bricks are a permeable hardscape, allowing contaminants to flow in to the ground instead of running off in to our water supply. With all the color choices, patterns and shapes possible; paving bricks are the sure choice for a driveway surface.

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